'Best Diet' Lists Are All BS

Lifehacker.com | Beth Skwarecki

U.S. News has once again ranked all the diets, with the groundbreaking result that...they are all different ways to eat food. Their website does provide a nice comparison of the various diets’ pros and cons, but the whole concept of declaring one diet better …


What to Do With All Your Sentimental Crap

Lifehacker.com | Sarah Showfety

If you live anywhere long enough—or you simply skew towards the nostalgic—it’s easy to accumulate a staggering array of sentimental items, aka clutter. You may not want to let go of tickets stubs, old meaningful letters, or the shirt you wore on your first da…


Now all Twitter Spaces hosts can record audio

Engadget | Jon Fingas

You no longer have to be one of the privileged few to record Twitter Spaces. Twitter has announced that all Android and iOS users can record Spaces when they're hosting. As before, you just have to toggle "record space" before you start. From there, your audi…


Roku rolls out all-new Live TV Zone

The Verge | Catie Keck

Roku is introducing the Live TV Zone, a new hub for easy access to all things live TV. The new tab will help users find live and linear TV programming in one place without having to shuffle through their various apps.


The Out-of-Touch Adults' Guide to Kid Culture: What Does 'Pushing P' Mean?

Lifehacker.com | Stephen Johnson

This week, all the kids are breathlessly following corporate acquisition news and making one another sign non-disclosure agreements. It’s all very adult.Read more...


How to Find All the Old Product Icons Apple Has Hidden in macOS

Lifehacker.com | Jake Peterson

As a lifelong Mac user, I always love learning about something hidden feature of my computer, such as the ability to change your mouse’s cursor color. So you can imagine my delight in stumbling upon this Reddit thread, where user OOF_V2 shared a hidden treasu…


Cobra Kai's Newest Student Tells All

Gizmodo.com | Germain Lussier

One of the best parts of Cobra Kai season four is the introduction and journey of a new character named Kenny. Kenny is played by actor Dallas Dupree Young, who previously appeared in films like Ready Player One and shows like The Fosters. Here though, he bec…


You May Be Able to Own a Self-Driving Car After All

Wired | Aarian Marshall

For years, automakers focused on using autonomous technology for “robotaxis,” akin to a shared Uber. A GM announcement this week shows that’s changing.


See Chevrolet's all-electric Silverado EV


The Chevrolet Silverado EV can go 400 miles on a full charge. It enters a crowded market for electric trucks with competition from Ford, Rivian, and Tesla.


Dystopia Is All Too Plausible in The School for Good Mothers

Wired | Kate Knibbs

Jessamine Chan's new novel makes a world full of surveillance android children seem very real.


Your iPhone's Alarm Doesn't Have to Be so Annoying

Lifehacker.com | Jake Peterson

We all know the iPhone’s alarm is anything but a gentle wake-up. “Radar,” as the alert tone is called, is abrasive, startling, and unforgiving. In contrast with the competition, Samsung in particular, it seems Apple designed its default alarm to punish all of…


Webb Space Telescope Deploys Its All-Important Sunshield

Gizmodo.com | George Dvorsky

NASA, after a slight technical delay, has now tightened all five layers of the Webb Telescope’s protective sunshield.Read more...


‘All Creatures Great and Small’ Returns With Even More Creatures

New York Times | Roslyn Sulcas

The second season of the gentle hit, which debuts Sunday on PBS, retains the show’s soothing tone but includes more complex veterinary adventures.


Don’t Look Up narrowly misses becoming Netflix’s all-time-best film debut

The Verge | Catie Keck

Don’t Look Up has become Netflix’s second most popular film in its history, coming in around 4 million views short of Netflix’s crown jewel Red Notice. Both overthrew Bird Box just months apart.


Apple Watch Series 8 may not have a body temperature sensor after all

The Verge | Victoria Song

For months, Apple Watch rumors have stated the Series 8 would likely add a body temperature sensor. However, a new report indicates that this might not be the case and perhaps it’s time to stop expecting ground-breaking new health features from Apple every ye…


Maren Morris, a Pop-Curious Hitmaker, Is Country, After All

New York Times | Joe Coscarelli

With proven Top 40 chops, the singer has still chosen to call Nashville home on her third album, “Humble Quest,” due out in March.


The Much-Vaunted American Melting Pot, Cracks and All

New York Times | Jillian Steinhauer

Columbus, the Middle Passage, the Mayflower. A thought-provoking exhibition, “Arrivals,” grapples with the myths and origin stories of how everyone set foot in this country.


When Mind Melds With Machine, Who’s in Control?

Wired | Kelly Clancy

Brain-computer interfaces are getting better all the time—and they’re about to land us in a philosophical quagmire.


The Cero One Is a Modern, Customizable Cargo Ebike

Wired | Adrienne So

This all-in-one customizable cargo bike makes it much easier to haul stuff everywhere you need to go.


Djokovic visa saga 'damaging on all fronts', says ATP

BBC News

The controversy over Novak Djokovic's visa to enter Australia has been "damaging on all fronts", says the ATP.